Trendy Bride – Wedding in Colours

                                           “The joy of dressing is an art.” —John Galliano.       More often than not, weddings are traditional affairs. There is something comforting about doing things the way our mothers and grandmothers...


Italy is known and loved for its scenic beauty and fantastic food, as well as for being home to three fashion capitals that are key players in shaping the world of high fashion: Milan, Florence and Rome.  LADYTAIS will revisit Italy soon, but this time they chose...

LADYTAIS Wedding collection in the “Plan MY BRIDAL” magazine.

Taisia Novakhova, President and Creative Director of LADYTAIS brings wearable, luxury and couture to life in each piece she creates. LADYTAIS designs have found homes in specialty boutiques across North America and Europe, with plans to appear on the racks of many...

Fashion Show Toronto

LADYTAIS displaying their collection in a fashion show that took place in Toronto In October. —>Below is the link to the fashion show —->  

Taisia Novakhova Profile Interview

Taisia answers questions on fashion, new collections, goals and inspiration for Profiletree. Link to Interview Below —->