Christmas is my favorite holiday! Glamorous events, corporate Christmas’s parties, warm family get-together that make this season such a wonderful time of the year!  

Even though December tends to be quite crazy for most of us, we make time for ourselves and celebrate holidays in style! You have your Christmas dress yet? What about New Year’s Eve? I personally    believe that we have to put a new outfit on for New Year’s Eve.

“New Year, New beginnings, New Life!”, right?

The festive atmosphere of Christmas calls for dresses that are charming, elegant and feminine but not too sensual. A modern touch is always a great choice for when you must be the best version of yourself and feel like a queen!

The holidays often associated with jewel toned colours dominated by emerald-green and wine reds. Black is always timeless, classy and in fashion.                                                                       “Every woman must have a little black dress.”  -Coco Gabriel Chanel. 

Black is very flattering on most women, best bet to be  remarkable on any occasion!

Many of you will break true traditional and start experimenting. 

Please send us your photos to . Everyone will receive the coupon codes on up to 40% off, and 3 most fashionable looks will get a Gift Certificate from LADYTAIS!

Mix and match different colours and see if you fall in love with any of them. A Tiffany tulle dress will instantly turn you into a fairy tale ice princess.  Romantic, long dresses will put you in the centre of attention for all the right reasons!
 Do you like pink colours? If yes, try on a fuchsia, or tones of cherry red. 
I am sure you have a small classy purse. Silver, gold or black will finish your look! If you are in love with blue as much as I am, choose LADYTAIS  turquoise and make it pop! 

Not sure about it? Substitute with super light lavender or pastel pink – who said wait for the summer?