What is the one essential piece every woman needs to have in her wardrobe? Alittle  black dress made of the best quality fabric, covering your knees and shoulders, with a perfect cut and fit.

Black is special, elegant and spectacular – the fact that it was the favorite colour of Coco Chanel says it all! Everyone looks great in black, regardless of occasion and time of year.

Colour is a power which directly influences the soul.” – Wassily Kandinsky,

Russian expressionist painter (1866-1944).

It is a proven fact: the colours that surround us have a strong effect on our state of mind, our mood, energy level, and as a result – our health. Just think about how you would feel in a room where blue tone is dominating? The same goes for your outfit.

Not every fashionista can afford to shine like a star walking on

Les Champs-Élysées, covering herself entirely in one colour , playing with different shades and textures.

Les Champs‐Élysées, Song by Michael Wilshaw and Mike Deighan

Every colour has its unique wavelength that influences us in subtle and not-so-subtle ways, and different shades can affect people in different ways. Every time we build our collection, we take into consideration the beauty and characteristics of each tone, and treat it as a child in our growing family.


Colour Psychology

Choosing the right colour for our look is especially important because once we get dressed in the morning, we will most likely be stuck with our choice for the rest of the day, and it can make a big impact!

What would you choose between rocking it and wishing you didn’t leave the house in the first place?

So what should we wear to express ourselves, impress others and feel our best?

We decided to create some formulas for you. It’s not exactly algebra, but definitely worth your attention :)



Red is the colour of love, passion and energy. It is linked to strong emotions and it has a powerful effect on people. It draws attention, creates urgency and stimulates. If you want to maximize its effect, wear a red dress or shirt . Just think of the famous Valentino red! Once a favourite of the Italian fashion designer, it is now an official Pantone colour loved by women all over the world. Of course, it takes a certain amount of courage to wear it all over and it only looks appropriate on certain occasions, so most of the time we just add a few red accents: shoes, lipstick, handbag or nail polish. You can also mix and match different shades of it! If you are wearing a gray elegant dress, you may, for example, add a nice red clutch, matching nail polish and a natural – pink lipstick. Or try a pair of pomegranate pumps, a rose shade of nail polish and a dark gray purse with a red Dior Rouge lipstick.

Wear it when you need a confidence boost or you are out to seduce and conquer. It is a great colour if you need to present yourself in a powerful position. Avoid when you want to blend in or seem quiet and almost naive. Red looks good on everyone and every time of the year, but not on every occasion, as you know!



Orange is a highly energetic colour, but not always flattering on everyone. It evokes pleasant associations like encouragement, warmth and joy. Orange is best worn in small doses, and occasionally it can be interesting to wear a trendy crochet dress in this colour. You’ll leave a remarkable impression. This  style will look beautiful with a designer leather purse in a similar shade. Yellow is a great choice if you’d like to energize everyone you are going to be around!


Yellow is the colour of sunshine, optimism, speed and creativity. Lighter pastel yellow shades look beautiful with earthy browns and rich greens, while it’s brighter shades are a perfect match to burgundy, violet and royal blue.

Wearing it you will radiate happiness and positivity. A light and romantic scarf in daffodil or lemon yellow is a must-have, as well as brooch and a long hand made bead necklace to visually lengthen your neck. These accessories can be life savers at some point.  Yellow is a colour that allows you to highlight your best features, but it has to be used in well chosen proportions.

On the other hand, maybe it’s a good idea to avoid putting on yellow bottoms if you would like to look visually slimmer and also when you need to project a serious image.


           Green has many different shades from pale pastels like mint or sage to brighter and darker versions like forest  or sea green. It is the colour of nature, health and abundance, prosperity. It has a relaxing and encouraging effect on people, creates harmony.

Green is a colour you can wear pretty much anytime, and it is perfect for someone who desires to look different.


Blue is the colour of royalty and stability. It evokes trust and conveys serenity.

It is actually quite hard  to point out an occasion, when wearing blue would be inappropriate. Delicate accents like light cream, grey and white will play a beautiful symphony when paired with blue.

Would you like a stylish alternative to black? Your goal is to become a succesful professional, look wealthy and confident? In that case purple is a great choice!

Black is the most versatile colour, it stands for elegance, sensuality and authority. Black is universally flattering. A colourful handbag or bold, sparkly jewelry will add a little glamorous  touch to your look.

Without black, no colour has any depth.” – Amy Grant

   White is more than a colour! It is a symbol in itself. Luxurious, romantic, powerful and brave white will forever stay in fashion and is a great colour option to work with. Any styles and contrasts for accessories will work.

Depending on fabric choice, this is a colour for any season and a great option for a confident but delicate person. It will give you the power to highlight a professional and feminine image. You may combine it with cherry red, violet, fuchsia, burgundy and black. If you are looking for an alternative – blush is the best.

     Gray is one of the favorite colours of fashion houses like DIOR, LADYTAIS and Yves Saint Laurent. Mysterious and quiet, it will probably make you feel like you have some secret to keep. That’s not a bad thing! This colour can play a big role in your wardrobe and become a real friend!

Wear it by itself, with black/white or navy blue if you have to blend in or look conservative, classic and elegant. When you’d like to present yourself as a creative and super fashionable person, mix and match with bright, contrasting colours. Green, burnt orange, and all tones of the blue family will work great in this perspective.


 Relaxing and elegant beige is one of the most versatile colours that is hardly inappropriate for any occasion – formal or informal, day or evening, it is always a good option for any season. Cream or egg nog can be a lovely alternative to beige.

If you want to look sophisticated and put together, you can easily count on beige. However, it is not recommended to put on the same shades from head to toe. Pairing it with brown, ochre, military, blush, white, back or yellow, depending on situation, will work just great!

”Do I have to worry about what accessories to choose?” -you may ask. No, you dont! This is one of the few cases when you will always be a winner! Either it is a pair of Calvin Klein leather gloves, a Prada satchel, a long string of Coco Chanel pearls or a silk Oscar De La Renta scarf.

The most important thing here is to choose great quality, perfectly pressed fabric and harmonious proportions.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for a consultation at any time! Our fashion experts are always ready to answer any questions you may have!

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The best colour in the whole world is the one that looks good on you.” – Coco Chanel