Secrets of women who look best at every party
Unexpectedly in December, your calendar resembles a party club of the century. A festive lunch, an evening with carols, an office Christmas eve and a herring with friends. Before you know it, every evening is planned! The holiday and party season is a great opportunity to lean over your starting wardrobe and find the answer to how it happens that some people always look great during the evening outings.

For sure you know, by the way, a woman who looks stunning at every party. How is it that she always manages to play the first violin? Learn the rules that will make you a queen every night!


There is not much to say about dress code, usually in the context of choosing a shirt for the office. And the dress code applies not only to work but every occasion, both very special and every day. If you are going to an elegant restaurant for dinner, put on an exciting mountain – a blouse with a ruffle or a beautiful neckline. Or maybe a crazy night awaits you in the club? Think about the crowds waiting for you in the queue and choose a sexy cover that you will not want to take off all night! In winter, we focus on short furs.


The stunning French style is based on nonchalance. What are examples for nonchalance? Paint your lips in red, but leave your hair in a mess! Next? For jeans and sneakers, put on a panther fur! Another? Put on obscenely high heels, tight pants and a very loose blouse, which will fall from another arm now and then. There is nothing more sensual than a completely discovered body and a note of nonchalance, which means that you do not look like a desperate person.


A simple and a bit nonchalant way to dress up for a party is to put on your everyday, normal clothes and then add one very fashionable and expressive element to them. However, instead of your favorite sweater, choose a sequin top. Also, do not forget about the accessories that will transform a classic dress into a small black dress! Your appropriate look will also be taken care of properly selected jewelry. Long hanging earrings is the hit of the 2017/2018 carnival! The key to success is expressive password!