The great thing about fashion is its cyclical nature. Colours, cuts and prints go in and out of fashion, giving way to knew shades and silhouettes, only to return to where it all started a couple of decades later. Thanks to this cyclicity, we can get a taste of an era just by wearing a look typical of that time period. It is fascinating, really.
Some fashion trends, however, have the ability to morph into classics. Polka dots, Coco Chanel style tweed jackets, little black dresses and women’s pant suits are all examples of former trends that are here to stay.

With that being said, there are some exciting dress trends coming up for 2020 as well. Dresses are a crucial part of every woman’s fashion collection, and are often the item that is closely associated with femininity, sensuality and attractiveness. Some of these styles are comebacks from past seasons, others are new interpretations of popular designs, but only time will tell which ones will end up being timeless fashion classics on regular rotation in every fashionista’s wardrobe.

2020 Dress Trends

One-shoulder dresses

One-shoulder dresses are a great choice if you don’t want to wear anything too revealing, but still want to show off your shoulders. Inspired by the style Greek goddesses were believed to wear, these dresses have been changed and modernized, the hem became shorter and instead of traditional white, today they are available in a variety of colors, prints and fabrics.

Mullet dress

The mullet dress is a style where the skirt is shorter in the front than in back. It has been in fashion for quite a few years now, so it has a good chance of becoming a classic. All you need to do is choose the right fit for you depending on your stature and body type, emphasizing your favourite features (like a slim waist with a bodycon cut or a toned back with a deep back cleavage) and this style will look fabulous on you. If you want to go the extra mile, choose a colour that highlights your eyes!


Strapless or bandage dresses

Bodycon dresses that are sleeveless or have a sweetheart neckline will make you look stylish, elegant and attractive. Bandage dresses are the go-to style of many young women for parties, nights out and formal events.

Cutout dresses

Cutouts are a classy way to turn an elegant formal dress into a feminine and seductive look. It is best to only bare one body part at a time – like a thigh slit or a back cleavage – and be sure that you choose the one you want to draw attention to, because it will definitely get noticed. Cutout dresses are a beautiful choice for romantic occasions and formal events.

Maxi dresses

Maxi dresses have always been and will always be in fashion. Their dramatic length and beautifully draped fabric makes women look more slender and elegant. If you wear it in a trendy or neutral colour, you can never go wrong with a maxi dress.

Mini/midi dresses

While maxi dresses are more formal and forgiving, mini and midi dresses are just as popular. Minis are more flirty and fun, while midis are a great option that you can on casual occasions, to work and even in the after-hours.

Full-skirted dress

Full-skirted dresses with a cinched waist will be super popular next year, and you’ll be able to wear them for any occasion. Choose shorter styles made of cotton for casual days and bring out the big guns with showstopping ball gowns for parties, proms, weddings and quinceaneras.
Pleated dresses
Pleats add a beautiful texture to delicate, light fabrics, and while they look great on most dress styles, in 2020 the floor-length pleated dress will reign supreme, judging by the runways of fashion houses like Cavalli, Chloe or Emanuel Ungaro.

Dresses from translucent materials

Transparent fabrics, be it inserts or full-on translucent dresses, are enjoying increasing popularity. While usually accompanied by appropriate undergarments, the see-no-see effect is still a playful touch to formal and informal looks alike.

Hybrid dresses

Lately, designers have been experimenting with new styles that combine unexpected design elements, and we at LADYTAIS are no exception. We love finding new ways to mix things up, playing with asymmetrical details, embroidery, stones, feathers, accessories, textures, fabrics and colours.

Speaking of which, let’s take a look at what we will be wearing in terms of colour in 2020!
In the upcoming fashion seasons we will prefer a soft and delicate colour palette that will include shades like aquamarine blue, toasted almonds, bright green, navy blue, mandarin, pink strawberry ice cream, gray glacial, flan, and a touch of “Marsala”.
Achromatic colours – black, gray and white – have always been and will always be in fashion, but if you want something brighter than pastels and grays, go with vibrant fruity colours like raspberry or shades of lemon yellow.

If you are feeling like experimenting, the ombre effect (the gradual transition from one color to another) will be in style, as well as expressive geometric prints like checks, stripes or polka dots. Men and women who are confident in their sense of style can have fun combining prints that are not usually worn together, such as geometric and floral prints, the same print on a different scale or in different colours.

2020 will be the year of extravagant prints: graffiti prints, photo prints, psychedelic and mirror prints, as well as digital prints that have the power to turn a piece into a wearable work of art. The most popular print of the spring/summer season, as it often happens, will be florals. An explosion of flowers will be appearing everywhere from day to evening, elegant to casual, long, midi and mini dresses, often accompanied by embroidery and floral appliques.

Animal prints will not be as common as last season, but they are still expected to make an appearance.
In summary, 2020 will be an experimentative and fun year, with many great trends from the past making a comeback, many new options to explore and great opportunities for self-expression!