It is no secret that the colours we wear affect how we feel and if they are carefully chosen to go with our personality and features, can create a sense of balance and harmony.
This is especially true for the dresses we wear during the most critical moments of our lives, like weddings, holidays, proms or other black-tie events. What colours are the best choice for these often formal occasions?
We will always remember these outfits and so will the people who saw us in them, so it is essential to choose them wisely. You can’t look good in a dress you don’t feel right in, can you?
Our Zodiac signs arguably have a significant influence on our character traits and personalities, so let’s take a look at what colour we should all get our formal dresses in this year according to our star signs!

Lively and bursting with self-confidence, Arieses can handle bright and unusual shades like coral or apricot. A pop of these exotic colours will make them feel unique and put them in the centre of attention – which they love!
Aries Fashion Icons: Vivienne Westwood, Victoria Beckham
Tauruses are sensual and boast a keen aesthetic sense. If you belong to this zodiac sign, try a dress in a beautiful shade of purple, from eggplant to magenta – it will suit you!
But is purple a good colour for evening dresses?
We think it’s just perfect! It has all the advantages black has, including its visually slimming effect and versatility, but it’s a lot more exciting and seductive. Purple is not just for ladies, either! Its darker shades are perfect for men’s formalwear.
Taurus Fashion Icons: Audrey Hepburn, Jean Paul Gaultier, David Beckham
Witty and fun-loving, Gemini can get away with wearing yellow – and look great in it, too! Be a ray of sunshine in any crowd by choosing one of its lovely shades. Try a tame daffodil, a sophisticated mustard yellow or saturated butterscotch. Gemini gentlemen will look dashing in a brown or cream suit.
Gemini Fashion Icons: Marylin Monroe, Naomi Campbell
A graceful and sensitive water sign, Cancers were born to wear any shade of light blue, from cerulean to powder blue, from turquoise to baby blue. These colours will highlight their best features and make them look even more beautiful… or handsome.
Cancer Fashion Icons: Vera Wang, Gisele Bundchen
Leos are dominant personalities who love everything dramatic and making an entrance wherever they go. The Leo will find any excuse to wear red. They know how to handle the attention and enjoy the feeling of power this colour gives them. Leos are strong, sensual and charismatic – who else could look so stunning in head-to-toe red? Men can opt for accessories, like a tie, a pocket square or a pair of stylish cufflinks, instead of a total look.
Leo Fashion Icons: Coco Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent
Virgos are born perfectionists, and they are enjoying having everything neat, tidy and in place. White is a distinct colour choice for them, not just for weddings, but pretty much any other occasion or casual day as well. The purity of white gives them a sense of orderliness and natural beauty. If you find optical white too bright and unforgiving, you can choose a greyish pearl, a warmer cream or elegant ivory.
Virgo Fashion Icons: Karl Lagerfeld, Claudia Schiffer
The Libra is a lover of balance and harmony.Their movements are soft and their spirit is gentle. If you are a Libra, choose a new light pink dress for this year so you can make an impact but still be yourself. Powder or lemonade pink are always a great choice, but go with a brighter rose or bubble gum if you want to stand out in a crowd!
But is pink just for women? We think not! Some of its shades will please even the pickiest gentlemen: try salmon, mauve or faded brick!
Libra Fashion Icons: Ralph Lauren, Dita Von Teese
The mysterious nature of Scorpios calls for a colour that is dark and powerful, but not black. These enigmatic people look stunning in dark green – the shade associated with dense forests, deep lakes and shiny emeralds. Grass or forest green is ideal, but if you feel like trying something new, a gorgeous dark teal dress or suit will make you fall in love.
Scorpio Fashion Icons: Zac Posen, Anna Wintour
Are you an adventurous and extroverted Sagittarius? You will be happy to wear some of the most vivid colours on the colour wheel. You are not afraid to stand out and experiment, so why not try a bright pink or orange look for your next formal event? Sagittarius men can opt for a high-contrast black and white look.
Sagittarius Fashion Icons: Gianni Versace, Kim Basinger, Brad Pitt
Gold is the go-to colour for ambitious Capricorns. The symbol of wealth, glamour and success is also a universally flattering colour for evening dresses. Try a subdued bronze or a more colourful copper tone for a less conventional approach to metallics.
Capricorn Fashion Icons: Carolina Herrera, Diane Von Furstenberg
Confident and intellectual Aquariuses are born to wear blue. Thankfully, it comes in endless variations, so you can always choose the one that fits your mood and fashion style. Darker blues like midnight blue or oxford blue are perfect for both casual looks and formal occasions, while shades like tiffany blue or sapphire are gorgeous on formalwear.
Aquarius Fashion Icons: Christian Dior, Mary Quant
Sensitive Pisces will enjoy wearing delicate shades like lilac or salmon. If you don’t feel like wearing colour, a glittery silver or pearl grey dress can be an excellent alternative for stylish Pisces ladies and men can wear it on their shirt or tie!
Pisces Style Icons: Hubert de Givenchy, Elizabeth Taylor