Fashion and beauty go hand in hand, beauty enhances fashion. In 2019 we should get ready for an exciting year for makeup. This winter is determined, celebrating individuality and style with a multitude of trends that are still dying to be worn. Layering is at forefront with play on texture, volume and color. So why not take it to our makeup?
As current fashion is accepting anything with no single style dominating, it gives women autonomy to take on their own personal style. Let’s look how to link our beauty to fashion for the upcoming season.
Recent years embracing your own natural beauty and let your healthy skin shine through became a big trend so here are some pro tips:
Skin: Exfoliate your skin to remove the dead cells and make your face soft and smooth. Otherwise, the skin will look dull in appearance and will not be properly absorbent of the skin care. It is always a good idea to use a nourishing and hydrating mask to bring your skin back to life and give your face the hydration it desperately needs. Some suggestion: Clarins SOS Hydra for deep hydrated skin.
SOS Comfort Mask for dry skin. Rose Stem Cell Gel Mask by Peter Thomas Roth that revives the skin and smoothes fine lines. Use a good serum as it goes deep into skin hydrates and revives the skin from underneath. A good hydration cream, appropriate for your skin type, should not be forgotten, as not only it hydrates your skin; it helps your make up to sit beautifully on your skin.
What is prominent in the makeup looks from runways are no overdone faces; very subtle contouring! At the same time makeup are playful and fun!
~No makeup look with super glossy skin
This season we observe a lot of minimalist approach to makeup. Dewy and natural skin is favored by many makeup artists. A radiant glowing skin with sheer of washed colors on eyes or lips or cheeks.

~ Pop of Colors
As use of colors and patterns become popular in fashion we notice emerging of colors in beauty looks too! Either in colored mascara, pastel colors on eyes or colored eye liners! So let your inner color reflect on your outside!

  1. Black Eyeliner
    Black liner never goes out of fashion. It can be classic, sophisticated, understated or can be rough, seductive, and provocative to make a daring look or something more refined and elegant!
    “For winter- spring of 2019 makeup trends, black eyeliner is used to create full range of looks.
    We love a simple line to define the eyes in the subtlest of looks, while others painted the eyes with liner making smudgy smokey eyes!
  2. Natural to bold lips
    Lips are painted in diverse trends from a subtle look using stain or gloss to very bold colors!

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Written by Anahita Loghmanifar