Fashion is challenging. One year short bandage dresses are “in”, the next year most of us are wearing loose, floor-length dresses. We stock up on pastels and neutrals and the year after need to change our entire wardrobe because now it’s all about neons and jewel tones.
The great thing about trends is that they are very likely to come back in fashion sooner than you would expect. Once you have a solid foundation of evergreen classics and stylish neutrals for your wardrobe, you can mix and match trends from past years, updating your collection with just a few fashionable pieces each season.
Fall/winter 2019/2020 brings many trends that we have all seen before. Which ones will you choose this year?

1970s Boho Chic
Past decades are known to make a comeback quite regularly, and the 70s are one of the most fascinating fashion eras for many. Bell-bottom trousers that elongate the silhouette, dreamy bohemian maxi dresses, floral prints, turtlenecks and a colour palette of earthy neutrals are just some of the many 70s favourites that are brought back for the upcoming season.

1990s Edge
It might seem like the nineties happened not that long ago… but in reality, it has been over 20 years. Which explains the worldwide fascination with the fashion style of the decade that can be spotted on designer runways almost every year. This upcoming season will be big on layering, casual fashion and a touch of messiness; and, of course, everyone’s favourite grunge style is back on the runways again with its distressed jeans, plaid shirts and band tees.

Girls in Suits
Suits have been a womenswear staple ever since the advent of the power suit in the ’80s and have since undergone numerous transformations. The newest and most fashionable version is the loose cut, relaxed suit – a far cry from the rigidity and stiffness of traditional tailored suits. This new style gives you comfort, confidence and a laid-back allure that will carry you from day to evening.

Return of the Leather
While leather is a stable constant in modern fashion, there are always new ways to cut, sew and wear it. This season, even the most unexpected clothes can be made out of leather – including suits and evening dresses. An element of surprise and a host of new ideas to incorporate into our everyday and special occasion wardrobes.

Reinvented Knits
Knitwear is a staple of the fall/winter season, and this year the focus is on knitted dresses and cozy oversized sweaters. While the former can be considered a valid alternative to eveningwear, the latter is designed purely for comfort, warmth and stylishly laid-back looks.

Jumpsuits for Every Occasion
This year, jumpsuits are an excellent choice for any occasion. They make a stylish and ultra-comfortable office outfit and look just as appropriate for a tropical getaway as for an exclusive event or a dinner party with friends. As you already know, it is very important to choose the right fabric for the occasion!
Workwear-style jumpsuits with sky-high heels are a much-coveted contrast this season; they elongate the figure and disguise imperfections while also being a modern, runway-worthy fashion statement.

Feminine Touch
Even though there are many fashion undercurrents that point to a more masculine and casual way of dressing for women, little feminine touches are still going to be a hit this winter. Ruffles have been a protagonist on the season’s runways in different shapes, colours and sizes, and so were ribbons and sashes, added to everything from formal gowns to casual blouses.

Dark Denim
Denim has never gone out of fashion during the past several decades, and this won’t be the year it happens. It is still the go-to fabric for casual wear, but fashion has given the green light to the denim-on-denim combination that has always divided public opinion. This next season, as long as it is in darker shades of blue like navy or indigo, you can wear the Canadian tuxedo all you want.

Cut-outs are an unusual trend for wall / winter, but in 2019 there will be no limits to the amount of skin showing. They are a fun way of showing parts of your body that are usually covered by clothes, but if you want to keep it classy, tone down your accessories and wear a stole or cover-up for a see, no see effect or show a smaller portion of your skin by wearing a cold-shoulder top or a back cleavage.

Puffer Coats
Puffy coats are by no means a new thing on the fashion scene, and usually not the most exciting one either, but this year they will be considered ultra-trendy – which is good news for those who don’t like to sacrifice staying warm for being fashionable in the cold winter months.

Voluminous dresses
Instead of figure-hugging bodycon dresses, fall / winter 2019-2020 will bring the very fashionable but not very flattering voluminous dresses into stores. They will come in all lengths, but to balance the proportions, we suggest you go with shorter styles.

Waist Time
Waists are at the center of attention this year. For those who are going to make the most out of this trend, corsets are the way to go. Wear them as outerwear on special nights out for ultimate seduction, or if you are not prepared to go to such great lengths for a slim waistline, opt for an elegantly cinched waist paired with wide shoulders for a strong, unique silhouette.

Birds of a Feather
If you like to have fun with textures, we have good news for you. Feathers will be huge for winter 2019 eveningwear! Wear them as accents if you want to give the trend a slight nod, or go all-in with a head-to-toe dramatic feathered look.

Comfort is Key
Whether you prefer skirts or trousers, comfort is a big (and welcome) trend this year. Loose trousers are not just a comfortable option for every day, they are a very stylish look for eveningwear and professional settings, if you get the proportions of the outfit right (tip: keep the top part of your look form-fitting or tuck it in at the waist. Maxi skirts are another comfortable bohemian trend we will be wearing both day and evening – the same rules apply.

Power Shoulders
To further emphasize the trend for cinched waists, the power shoulders are a great way to create a dramatic silhouette for a strong, edgy look.

Leg of Mutton Sleeves
A trend from past centuries, the leg of mutton sleeves will add a romantic touch to our practical everyday wardrobes. Make sure to keep the rest of your outfit sleek and modern for a balanced look.

While not the most flattering garment for everyone, culottes are a playful and chic trend to experiment with this winter. To make the most out of them, choose a pair that fits snugly at your hips to avoid creating unnecessary volume. They are perfectly appropriate for both office and eveningwear – just change up the top, shoes and accessories.

An evergreen design solution, pleats are something we all have in our closets, even if many of us don’t wear them all that often. Now it’s time to dust off those pleated skirts, because they are in for fall / winter 2019!

Velvet and Corduroy
Next season’s fashion trends are not devoid of practicality. Heavier, textured fabrics like velvet and corduroy are making a comeback, and we are delighted to see them. Warm and stylish? Sign us up!

Capes and Cloaks
Elegant and mysterious, these pieces seem to have come straight from a romantic novel. If you want to feel like a medieval heroine and look like a girl who knows her fashion, wear a cape or cloak this season! You’ll also love how you can wear almost anything under it without looking bulky.

Column Dresses
Column dresses are a red-carpet-worthy trend that we are all too keen to adopt this season. Very elegant, versatile and comfortable to wear, these long dresses are already a favourite with fashionistas everywhere. Choose the ones that softly drape around your body, highlighting your curves.

Evergreen Tweed

Whether we like it or not, for most of us, fall and winter are just as much about keeping warm as about staying fashionable. Tweed ticks both boxes, as it has for decades. It has the power to give you a sophisticated vibe in any setting, and you are free to tone it down or dress it up as much as you like!