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Taisia Novakhova

As a fashion designer, my art or my designs, depending what people like to call it, are a reflection of myself and my life. I am inspired by everything around me, my experiences, the people I meet, beautiful cities, my mood, my family and current fashion trends. I draw from almost everything to create the pieces I make. The colours and fabrics I choose for each collection is dependent on what has been going on in my life, things like; where I have travelled, where I would like to travel for example. I also envision certain people wearing my designs, like a celebrity or a friend and I think, “they would look great in this colour or in this style,” and then I create it.

I want people that wear my designs to feel confident, remarkable and unique. I want them to feel inspired by wearing them as I do when creating each piece. For women, I would like them to feel luxurious and romantic. I aim to design wearable and luxury clothes that make every woman feel beautiful. Fashion is the best form of self-expression and if I can help someone express themselves through one of my designs then I am happy.

Fashion is creative, beautiful and limitless; it has no boundaries, it is always evolving yet staying the same all at once, that is why I love it and why I chose this for my life.

Taisia Novakhova
Founder and Creative Director
Lady Tais Fashion

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