Lady Tais started in Toronto, Ontario, in 2012.
Taisia Novakhova, founder of Lady Tais was inspired by her loving and talented mother. “As a little girl, I would put on a dress that my mom designed for me, and I felt like a celebrity.” Since then, a new handmade dress brings happiness each time she puts one on.
Lady Tais clothing and accessory collections are created from the finest fabrics and are meant to inspire beauty and confidence all while being wearable and affordable.
“I hope to change someone’s life with a Lady Tais exclusive dress.”
Lady Tais expanded to a worldwide company providing unlimited opportunities to talented and unstoppable creatives.
In partnership with best manufacturers and institutions, Lady Tais delivers unique craftsmanship and quality products. Lady Tais`s mission is to help organizations such as a hospitals, schools, community centers, and others …
Lady Tais donates a portion of sales to those organizations. 
In addition to a permanent and established relationship with Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada, Lady Tais chooses nonprofits to work with. 

“Giving love to the world will help us to stay on  track.”