Taisia Novakhova, President and Creative Director of Lady Tais
Taisia Novakhova, President and Creative Director of Lady Tais

Taisia Novakhova, President and Creative Director of Lady Tais brings wearable, luxury and couture to life in each piece she creates. Lady Tais designs have found homes in speciality boutiques across North America and Europe, with plans to appear on the racks of many more high-end retailers soon, so be sure to watch for them!

Taisia’s parents were teachers at the University of Russia and both were role models to her, but Taisia was especially inspired by her loving and talented mother; she showed her how the simplicity of a beautiful dress can inspire confidence in a woman. She remembers feeling this confidence each time she put on one of the dresses her mother hand-made for her and her two older sisters, “as a little girl, I would put on a dress that my mother made and instantly feel more beautiful and confident, they made me feel like a celebrity.”

At the tender age of fourteen, Taisia had decided that fashion was her calling and set her sights on becoming a fashion designer. Her parents impressed by her talents, sent her to Poland to study the art of couture design. After graduating at the top her class she then continued her education at two of the world’s renowned schools for fashion, the first being the design program at Stavropol College in Russia and then Sophia Bern’s College of design in Israel.

When Taisia was fifteen and during her educations she found herself designing customized pieces for friends and family. While in college Taisia started to sell her designs to small boutiques in Russia, this led to the birth of Lady Tais Fashion House and due to the success of her collections in Europe spawned her move from Israel to Canada, where she operates out of Toronto Ontario.

Taisia has modeled her designs and style after her idol, the iconic and classic Coco Chanel. Each piece she creates is made with the finest fabrics and is meant to inspire beauty and confidence all while being wearable and affordable. In addition to her ready-to-wear collections, Taisia also designs bridal wear and event costumes.

“I hope to change someone’s life, attitude and confidence with just a dress!”

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